Embodied Yoga Nidra Series: Classic Nidra [1 of 7]

This series of Yoga Nidra will progress over a set of 7 audios.

Each Nidra will lead you progressively deeper into your own internal experience, body wisdom and true essence.

This first one is a more classic Nidra.

This can be listened to in the morning, afternoon or evening.

20 minutes of Nidra has shown to be equivalent to 3 hours of sleep - better than a power nap!

*Please find a space where you won't be disturbed.

*Lay on your back with support as feels good - under your knees, head, back. Palms face up. Feet relaxed.
*If laying on your back doesn't work for your body, sitting in a comfortable chair is a great option as well. 


Be Well.

I love you.



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